Friday, 12 April 2013

Skye 'A secret hides in this forest'

If a secret hides in this forest.

If that was true, I would not loose if I had my friend by my side. We'd go searching together for the treasure,and hope it would be fun but... what we didn't know was that a sly fox was setting traps to stop us. We came past the first trap. We were dumbfounded, by our surprise Hunter was trapped  in a fence of spikes. We used our flying powers to lift him out. By our surprise he had been spying on us! so we moved him out of the way like a door. Now he was dumbfounded! We were boiling mad! We moved on still boiling mad! 
The next trap was easy to see because it was a cage sitting on a group of mossy rocks.But Skye unfortunately walked into the cage! And walked out again!Whew! But it toppled onto her and she got trapped  "OH THAT SLY FOX!!!!!"wailed Ada.

By Skye

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