This week we have been learning to write INSTRUCTIONS.

Good instructions need....
- A task (something to do)
- Bossy verbs
- Numbered steps
- What you need list (ingredients)
- A tools list (equipment)
- Diagrams or pictures showing you what to do

Below are our class Instructions of how to make an Orange Milkshake.

How to Make an Orange Milkshake

1 Orange
Vanilla Yogurt
Vanilla Essence

Chopping Board
Measuring Cup and Spoons


1. Cut the orange
2. Juice the orange
3. Pour the orange juice into the blender
4. Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence
5. Add two tablespoons of yoghurt
6. Pour in two cups of milk
7. Put the lid on the blender
8. Turn the blender on for 1 minute
9. Stop the blender
10.Take off the lid
11. Pour into a glass
12. Taste test your milkshake


You can write instructions for anything! Have a go at home to write instructions for a magic potion.

This term we are working on writing sentences. 
Practice writing stories at home using your imagination and bring them to school to share!! 

Read some of our 'A Moment In Time' writing! 

I heard the kids splashing in the pool. I felt the cold water rising up my body. I saw swimming togs on the other side off the room. I wondered if I could finally learn to swim.
By Keira.

I saw my family looking and crowding all around me. I heard giggling from my cousin in my arms. I felt her soak into my stomach. I wondered if I’d drop her or let her go. I saw her dribble on her bib, she’s so cute
By Ada

I felt scared.
 I saw creepy yellow mushrooms growing in the plant pot.
I wondered if it would grow legs and get me at night.
I heard complete silence.
I saw something very scary rising every time I looked.
I heard my dad saying it was fungus.
By Skye

I heard kids screaming. I wondered if there would be lots of water and if it went fast.
I felt nervous, happy and scared all at the same time.
I saw my dad standing next to me.
I wondered if I could finally do it.
I felt my dad puling me towards the hydro slide.
By Mackenzie

I heard Miss O`Conner’s high heels  making their way up the front.
I saw other kids siting up nicely. I wondered if I would get a certificate.
I heard Mr Waite talking to us about the Habit of Mind.
I felt amazed when my name was called out.
By Corbin

I heard kids playing together and screaming.
I saw kids wearing sun hats and having fun.
I felt sweaty and nervous on my first day.
I wondered what it was going to be like and if I’d like it.
I hoped Mum was going to put me in this school
By Boston

Skye has fair white skin and lovely long blonde hair. She’s very short but that doesn't matter to me. Skye is possibly the best friend in the world. She  shares her feelings and if she doesn't  feel right she knows where to go. Skye has a lot of humour, she’s always laughing. I love it when she starts giggling at me when I do something funny because it makes me feel special. When she reads us a story or does a play she does it with such expression.  I like her because I feel right around her and she feels comfortable around me.

By Ada

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