Friday, 12 April 2013

Ada 'A secret hides in this forest'

One day I went hunting with dad and my best friend which is Skye when we got there, there was a sign nailed between the entrance it  said ‘a secret hides in this forest’.  Come on Skye,  come on dad there could be a big treasure at the end. We walked and walked  and walked until suddenly we saw another sign. The sign said keep on checking but beware the big trap. Hhhmmmmm,  maybe we should  be careful.  Hey skye I found it see it wasn’t  that hard. Rrrrooaaarrrr. Oh man.  Get your  gun  bang, bang, bang, bang.  Out of bullets. Get your sword of death. Bravely Skye  picked out her sword  and shoved it into the big fat  tigers nose. Hhhiiirrraaa. Come on  lets go   take this home to mum and Taika. And we all lived  happily ever  after.

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