12/8/13 Last Friday the New Zealand Playhouse Theatre Company preformed the show ‘The Big Sad Wolf’ to our School. We thought it was funny and the actors were very good. The Wolf was sad because of the cheeky Boy who Cried Wolf. We also liked how it was made up of a number different fairy-tales that we knew. We will be able to use some of these ideas in our writing. 

By Pacific Ocean Reading Group

19/8/13 Harold the Giraffe 

We have been learning about emotions and feelings with Harold. Harold told us it is important to be Happy and Healthy. We have learnt about being a good friend and ways to deal with our emotions. 

We enjoyed Harold's visit to assembly. 

28/8/13 The Milky Way

This afternoon Room 7 investigated and observed different types of milk. We had to look closely at the colour, texture and then we tasted it. Below are our pictures in them you will see the scientists observational recording sheets.
Condensed Milk was our favourite and Milk from Miss Winsloe’s cows tasted yum as well.

Soy and Coconut Milk were our least favourite. 

30/8/13  Can we get the Water out of Milk? 

Today we added milk into an electric frying pan and heated the milk slowly.

We held the lid over the pan and droplets began to collect on it. We tasted it to find out that it was in fact water!

We continued to heat the milk trying not to burn it. This was quite difficult.

Once the liquid had disappeared we left the pan to cool down before scraping the bottom. When we tasted the white powder on the bottom, it tasted like milk.

We think our investigation today may be similar to how Milk Powder is actually made. 

3/9/13 Making Butter 

How to Make Butter

What you will need: 

muslin colth
rubber band


1.Pour some cream into the jar.
2.Add a pinch of salt.
3.Screw on the jar lid.
4.Shake for 20 minutes.
5.Drain buttermilk out of jar.
6.Pour butter in bowl.
7.Taste test
8.Dip cracker in butter

By Nikora

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