Thursday, 21 March 2013

Skye's Story

Yeaterday Miss Bridgeland gave us the sentence starter Bang! the door flew open and... 
We then had to finish off the story. We had to use our imagination and also remember to use verbs in our writing.  

Audio recording >> Bang! the door flew open and than it broke...There standing in the door was ...the evil teddy nappers! Silently they crept in so they don't wake up the people. They sneak into Lucy room and opened her toy box lid gently, creek! Too loud but Lucy did not wake up, so they peered in. There were toys but only two teddy s. The teddy nappers were very miserable but they didn't give up. They were walking towards the door when fox turned around and saw Lucy was clutching a teddy. Fox tapped bears shoulder and pointed to it. They were silently happy and slipped out her teddy. "Yes" they whispered to each other. Next they sneaked into David's room and looked in his toy box. There were tons of teddy's in his toy box to the brim! So they took the whole toy chest. Now there job was done and it was nearly sunrise. So they took the teddy's to their ghostly  bat and spider filled shack. They opened the door. "AAAHHA!" they screamed. There were zombies everywhere! Sorry I didn't mention they just had a mum zombie, a dad zombie and a kid zombie. The zombies must have been pregnant. 

By Skye

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