Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ada's Story

Yeaterday Miss Bridgeland gave us the sentence starter Bang! the door flew open and... 
We then had to finish off the story. We had to use our imagination and also remember to use verbs in our writing.  

Record audio or upload mp3 >> Bang! The door flew open and loads and loads and loads of kittens and cats flew out like a bunch of crazy cats. Captain  underpants heard it  with his super ears. He flew into action. "Holy underpants look at all those cats, " said captain Underpants. When he landed, he tried to use mind control to make them go back in but it was no use, they kept running out and having more babies. "I need back up", he thought. He used super voice to get the message to Super Diaper Baby and Super Diaper Dog. They heard the call and came to the rescue "What do you need". "I need you to help me put all these cats and kittens in that door before it seals it's self and leaves earth. With the help of the three heroes they put all the kittens and cats back into the door before it vanished.

By Ada

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