Friday, 15 November 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today in Room 7 we were working from a newspaper called Go Zone and it was called, How does your garden grow?
It told us how to grow a healthy garden and it told us that a tomato is actually a fruit because it has seeds. Any food that has seeds in it is a fruit! 
Did you know that there’s actually more life under the soil then above it! With around 500 million living things in each tiny bit of soil, it’s ...... buzzing! 
Below are the steps of how a seed grows.
1. When a seed starts to grow it splits its seed coat and out grows a tiny root from one end.
2. The little root grows down into a soil. 
3. A little green plant starts to grow out of the seed coat. 
4. It pushes up through the dirt. Two tiny leaves grow. It is called a seeding. 
5. Then the plant starts to grow into a fruit or a vegetable. 
Worms are good for gardening because the worm pee is good for the crops. Seeds are baby plants.

By Ciara and Ada

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